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Superhero Mudra for feeling safe, secure and calm.

🤚🏻Mudras are essentially yoga for the hands. Research shows that moving different parts of your hands activates different areas of your brain 🧠

This Mudra is calming, self empowering and encourages inner peace. It can be incorporated into your child’s morning or bedtime routine to help them feel safe & secure. I have taught this powerful Mudra to many children and the results are impressive 😀

Here’s how to do it:

⭐️make one of your hands in to a fist.

⭐️wrap the other hand around your fist

⭐️visualise your fist as yourself and your other hand as a magical cloak or cape protecting you from anything that makes you feel anxious or scared.

⭐️as you breathe in, very gently squeeze hands together. Breathing out, release. Repeat 5 times (or go by your child’s age so 6 breaths in & out for a 6 yr old). End by saying ‘I am safe’

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