• Ciaran Ivanovic

Staying grounded in turbulent times

With so many uncertainties in our lives right now it's essential for us to remain steady and grounded as much as we can; this will help us to stay calm & connected, which brings physical and emotional balance.

With this in mind, I'd like to share a grounding practice that I've done with many of the kids that I support. This practice is for you and your child to do together.

* Print out our Staying Grounded tree picture

* explain to your child (in simple terms) the meaning of feeling grounded (feeling safe, secure, calm)

* give one example of what makes you feel grounded (e.g. yoga makes me feel calm / a hug from a loved one makes me feel safe and loved)

- then ask your child if they can think of an example too.

* continue taking turns this way until you both have around 5 things that make you feel grounded.

* write them down on the Staying Grounded tree picture and try the best you can to include 1 of your 5 every day to maintain a healthy emotional & physical balance.

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