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Traffic Light Stones

RED = STOP and notice any physical changes happening to your body (sweaty palms, heart thumping, heaad pounding)

ORANGE = ACCEPT why that is (my head's pounding because I'm really angry & upset about being shouted at)

GREEN = ACTION: which tools can I use to help me (eg 3:5 breathing, ABC breathing - also on blog)

I've helped many kids using this simple method, one parent has told me that she only has to say 'traffic light' to her son and he's able to make better choices for himself : )

If displayed in your home the painted stones become a useful reminder of what to do and the painting part is a fun, mindful activity in itself. Younger kids like to hold the stones as they follow the 3 steps.

The traffic light system is also incredibly helpful for us parents as a way of remembering to pause & observe our feelings BEFORE reacting to our kids challenging behaviour as and when it arises.

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