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Trees and Mountains

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Want to become a Mindfulness in Nature for Children course affiliate?


Are you a mindful professional, business or parent, with a passion for nature, children, and present moment awareness?


If you’re wanting to raise awareness of how mindfulness and nature can support children’s (and adults) mental well-being, then this is for you!


By becoming a Mindful Kids affiliate you will be raising awareness and earning commission on every sign-up to our internationally accredited course: Teaching Mindfulness in Nature to Children.

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Benefits to you


15% commission on every course sign-up.

We will set you up with a unique link to share with your audience and you will have full access to your affiliate dashboard and payouts.

Be the change

Our internationally accredited course has already gone global and has been completed in the U.K. Slovenia, Ireland, the U.S. and soon Spain and Portugal! Together let’s spread the seed of mindfulness in nature to children all over the world.


Raise awareness of the powerful combination of mindfulness and nature for children. By giving children positive, mindful experiences in nature they will not only feel better (psychologically and physiologically), they will also learn to love the natural environment and will want to look after it and protect it as they become adults.

Why Mindful Kids?

Founder and course creator, Ciaran Ivanovic is passionate about supporting the mental wellbeing of children, young adults, parents and educators. She has been teaching mindfulness both indoors and outdoors for the past decade.


Ciaran is someone who ‘walks the walk’ and can often be found walking mindfully on Hampstead Heath where she also leads guided ‘Wonder Walks’


For more about Ciaran click here.

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The benefits of mindfulness for children

More focused

Improved sleep

Improved immunity

More compassionate

More even tempered

Less stressed

More resilient

More in control of emotions


Less anxious

 Less reactive

Tree Planting

Why mindfulness in nature?

Imagine that just by looking at nature images or videos, we feel relaxed, happy, calm AND our blood pressure and cortisol levels decrease - this is why so many major global companies such as Google have green images or spaces built into their offices. Research now shows that hospital patients recover faster if they have a view of nature from a window.

Nature’s deep sensory experience provides us with a window into the peace and presence that lies within us all.


When we’re outdoors in nature, we can concentrate better as being in a natural environment relaxes and recharges our prefrontal cortex (the decision maker part of our brain) - the opposite of what happens to our brains when we’re jumping from tab to tab on on a laptop - we can’t focus…


Being in nature helps children focus and supports those with ADHD - the natural environment makes it easier for them to not only concentrate but also to learn new things. 


Nature creates the perfect conditions for children to be in a calm, focused state. This prepares them beautifully for learning about mindful connections. Children who are taught how to be mindful when they are feeling calm, are much more likely to use the tools they have learnt when they are struggling with their emotions.


Engaging with nature allows children to use all of their senses by tuning in (one by one) to what they smell, hear, touch, see and occasionally, taste. It is important to perceive the world using all of our senses - something that many children are doing less and less as they engage with the digital world, focusing only on their sense of sight and sound.


Being outdoors allows time to self-reflect; it promotes physical development, creative thinking, cooperation and self confidence.

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