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Teaching Mindfulness in Nature to Children
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The first of its kind in the U.K., this certified and internationally accredited training program is ideal for homeschoolers, Forest School leaders, teachers, parents and grandparents, yoga & Mindfulness teachers, youth organisations and child therapists.

Internationally Accredited & certified
Course Overview

This course will teach you how to introduce nature-based mindfulness to children aged 3-11 years, in creative, fun and age-appropriate ways.

You will learn about the endless benefits of present moment awareness (mindfulness) and the powerful effects of the natural environment.

We will teach you how to help children calm their busy minds and to manage their emotions in a positive cultivate compassion for themselves, others, and the world around them, all through mindful games, crafts, breathing exercises and activities.

You will have lifelong access to a vast library of mindfulness tools to help children navigate life’s demands and discover the peace and calm within themselves.


This is a fully comprehensive training program for teaching mindfulness to children in both indoor and outdoor settings - anywhere in the world!

8 Modules, packed with content

Our fun and engaging online program is self-paced so that you can complete the modules as and when you like. The course is a combination of live recordings, videos, slides, articles and quizzes and includes a vast amount of tools, exercises and activities for you to use with groups of children or in 1:1 sessions. There are 8 modules in total. Each module is approximately 4 hours of work including home practice.

Teaching Mindfulness to Children in Nature
Teaching Mindfulness to Children in Nature
Create your own income stream

We offer a blueprint of our unique outdoor mindfulness camps and workshops - providing you with the freedom to share all of our exercises, activities and practices under your own brand. Learn how to set up your own Mindfulness in Nature camps (based on our own unique camp program), workshops and outdoor classes that can be run in schools, at home, at wellbeing festivals and for groups and organisations, including theraputic environments. 

What is nature based mindfulness?

Mindfulness and nature connection are long standing and highly effective ways to support our wellbeing. When you bring the two together, you have mindfulness in nature. One of the best ways of being mindful in nature is by engaging our senses and focusing on what we can hear, see, feel and smell. When we engage our senses and focus on the ‘here and now’ our heart rate lowers, our breathing slows, and we feel calm. It is important to perceive the world using all of our senses - something that many children are doing less and less as they engage with the digital world, focusing only on their sense of sight and sound.

Teaching Mindfulness to Children in Nature
How nature supports mental wellbeing for adults and children.

Nature creates the perfect conditions for children to be in a calm, focused state. This prepares them beautifully for learning about mindful connections. Children who are taught how to be mindful when they are feeling calm, are much more likely to use the tools they have learnt when they are struggling with their emotions.

Being in nature helps children (and adults) focus, and supports those with ADHD - the natural environment makes it easier for them to not only concentrate but also to learn new things. 



Certification upon successful completion of the course.


A curated library of Resources with highlighted 
S.E.N. practices.


Learn at your own pace with access to the course 365 days.


Connect with Ciaran and other students via monthly Zoom meet-ups.


"Your ideas are brilliant and accessible. I find this course so inspiring."

Forest school teacher

Teaching Mindfulness to Children in Nature
Flexible payment options
  • Invest in one payment - £750
  • Pay in 3, 6 or 12 monthly instalments
  • Government funding accepted
Ciaran Ivanovic Mindfulness Teacher | Teaching Mindfulness in Nature Course
About Mindful Kids founder and course creator, Ciaran Ivanovic

Ciaran Ivanovic founded Mindful Kids in 2016. She is a former Montessori teacher who is passionate about supporting the mental well-being of children and adults. She has been teaching mindfulness both indoors and outdoors for the past decade and has, on a personal level, experienced the transformative effect nature and mindfulness can have on one’s life.

Ciaran loves to use her artistic creativity to develop new ways of engaging children based on their interests. Many of her ideas are being used by teachers and health professionals around the world. Ciaran also enjoys writing mindfulness meditations, exercises and activities for children - her most recent commission was for Bloomsbury and a well known series of children's audio books.

Ciaran began her own meditation practice 25 years ago in the tradition of the late Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. Her visit to his mindfulness village in France (in 2018) was hugely influential on her style of teaching and inspired Ciaran to develop the internationally accredited, Teaching Mindfulness in Nature to Children online training program.

Ciaran is someone who ‘walks the walk’ and can often be found walking mindfully on Hampstead Heath where she leads therapeutic guided ‘Walks of Wonder’. For full credentials, click here

Further benefits to you


Wonder Walks

Optional 'Wonder Walks' are offered to course participants 3 times a year (in Hampstead Heath) & are an opportunity to connect in-person and enjoy the beauty and simplicity of nature immersion with like-minded folk.


Personal mentoring via 1:1 sessions

Ciaran, will be mentoring you throughout your training. This invaluable mentoring part of the course allows you to focus on the exercises & activities that are especially important to you and explore how they can be further developed and incorporated into your classes, workshops and personal practice.What's included: a 15 minute check-in when you start, two 1 hour calls during the course and two 1 hour calls beyond the course.


Deeper Understanding

Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of mental wellbeing for children and how mindfulness in nature supports this. Learn valuable ways of introducing children to the calming benefits of focusing their minds. This course is aimed at introducing mindfulness to Primary school aged children however all activities and practices can be easily adapted to suit all ages.

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Our gift to you

A complimentary deck of our very own Peace Pack cards which combine nature-inspired mindfulness activities with empowering affirmations to help children find peace and calm within.

  • Module 1: The Power of Mindfulness & Nature for Children Today
    * What does ‘being mindful’ mean? * An introduction to the benefits of mindfulness for children. * An introduction to the benefits of mindfulness for children with SEN. * Benefits of mindfulness for teachers and carers. * Why Mindfulness in Nature? * How Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing) positively affects our mental & physical health. * An introduction to the brain & neuroplasticity.
  • Module 2: How to introduce the concept of Mindfulness to Young Children
    * Mindful Kids 5-Step guide * Understanding the connection between body & mind. * Breathing techniques * Mudras / Buddha Board * The Mindfulness Bell: how and when to use it. * Plum Village: A Mindfulness community.
  • Module 3: Teaching Mindfulness in Nature
    * Preparing the mind for mindful connections. * The importance of Nature Practices for children. * Mindful Kids Nature Practices, crafts and games. * Developing kindness & compassion. * Listening Stone: what it is /how we use it. * Den building.
  • Module 4: Bringing Nature into the Classroom
    * How to recreate Mother Nature within a peaceful environment. * The benefits of a Peaceful Place. * What to include. * Positive Affirmations /Breathing Tree/ Grounding Practices that engage the Senses * The positive effects of Nature on our brain & nervous system. * Being trauma informed.
  • Module 5: Planning Your Mindfulness Nature Camp: Part 1
    * Permissions * Risk Assessment /Park Safety. * Teacher /child ratio / boundaries * Insurance / accident forms / Child Protection /The Country Code. * Guidance on outdoor 1st Aid (including Covid-19 safety). * The importance of being flexible.
  • Module 6: Planning your Mindfulness Nature Camp: Part 2
    * Where to run your camp. * Age range * Creating a flow /successful structure * Marketing / advertising tools & resources * What to charge * Taking bookings * Making the camp your own.
  • Module 7: Camp Day in Action! This is an online experience. You will see videos of our camp day in action which will give you a good idea of how activities would typically flow in a camp or workshop.
    Getting to know one another. Introduction to the Mindfulness Bell. Bat & Moth game. Tai Chi (Mindful movement). Forest Fire game. Mindful Craft. Find my Tree. Lunchtime activities. Walking meditation. Den building & Whittling. Web of Life.
  • *NEW* Bonus Module: How to create a healing garden at home or in a therapeutic setting
    *What is a healing garden | using your sensory space for 1:1 work. *Designing a healing garden & stimulating the senses. *Practicalities, working with the seasons & garden safety. *Bringing wildlife into your sensory space. *An introduction to the healing benefits of herbs and essential oils. *Campfire connection | cacao circle with children. *Further mindfulness activities & exercises for your sensory garden.
Payment options

The course investment can be made as one payment or split into monthly payments as below.

Payment Options
Child making something from nature

This can be made as one payment or split into monthly payments via Klarna or Clearpay.

This can be made as one payment or split into monthly payments via Klarna or Clearpay.

Kids Reading Map

The course will be split into five equal monthly payments of £115pm.

The course will be split into six equal monthly payments of £125pm.

Making a Mandala from Kindness Rocks

The course price will be split into 10 monthly payments of £57.50.

The course price will be split into 12 monthly payments of £62.50.

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