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There are many benefits of practicing Mindfulness, some of which include:









About Ciaran

Ciaran Ivanovic is a former Montessori teacher (Montessori Centre International) who is now following her passion of supporting children's mental well being through the use of mindfulness. 

Ciaran completed a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Foundation course with Michael Chaskalson (Mindfulness Works in London) before completing further training to teach mindfulness to children, including the Mindfulness in Schools Project, enabling her to teach the Paws b Mindfulness program in Primary schools.

Ciaran is also trained to teach the Tai Chi for Kids program and incorporates many movements in to her sessions.

Mindfulness is taught to children in private sessions (one to one or within a small group), and at Mindful Kids Camps and workshops which run throughout the year.

Ciaran began her own meditation practice 20 years ago in the tradition of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.
Ciaran loves to use her artistic creativity to develop new ways of engaging children, based on their interests. Some of her ideas are now being used by teachers both in and outside the U.K.
Ciaran is fully insured and DBS checked. She tries her best to be a Mindful Mum to her three unique and wonderful children (16, 12 & 8) and lives in Queen’s Park with her family, cat and dog!


Mindfulness for children

Introducing children to the calming benefits of focusing their minds. At Mindful Kids we provide children with useful and practical tools to help them navigate life's demands and discover the peace and calm within themselves.  Using our effective N.A.P. strategy (Notice - Accept - Plan), children will learn to pause and notice how they are feeling, accept and understand why they are experiencing those feelings, and make a positive plan of action using the tools that they have learned.

Group sessions

Small group sessions can be arranged in the comfort of your home (3-4 children maximum) and usually run weekly for the duration of the school term. In these fun and engaging sessions your child will enjoy sensory & cooperative games, calming breathing exercises, short meditations, self-empowering Mudras (yoga for the hands) and Relaxation.


Please get in touch for more information.

Our Outdoor Camps

'An outdoor experience, offering children the chance to connect with nature and themselves…’



Our popular Mindfulness Camps are not only unique, being the only London Camps  with mindfulness at their core, but are also grounding, inspiring and most importantly fun. Camps are held in Queen's Park during the school holidays. Also coming to Chiswick House in 2020!


Activities include: Shelter-building, Scavenger Hunts, Tightrope, Nature Trail, Mindful Movement & games, Stone painting, Relaxation, Creative Crafts, Labyrinth making, Eco-Art & much more.

Ideal for 4-9 year olds.


Due to the Coronavirus we have sadly had to cancel our Easter Camps.

As a way of staying in touch with everyone during this challenging time, we are posting some fun and useful mindfulness activities on Instagram /Facebook, for you and your children to enjoy. Please follow us!

Please note that our Mindful Kids Camp team can come to you! If you'd like us to come to your school, retreat or one-off event, then please do get in touch.


Private Sessions & Schools

I currently offer 1:1 sessions to children (of all ages) both in and outside the London area. Regular weekly sessions are usually recommended, and last for either 30 minutes or one hour. These sessions are an ideal way to tackle specific areas of concern such as anxiety, low self-esteem, anger issues, lack of focus, and coping with certain types of special needs.




Family sessions and small private groups are also available upon request.

I am trained to teach the Mindfulness in Schools, Paws b program (aimed at 7-11 year olds) in UK Primary schools. Please do get in touch if you would like further information on this.


Ciaran has been supporting our son (who is on the autistic spectrum) in dealing with anxiety and emotional regulation through mindfulness sessions. She formed a great relationship with him from the start and he always looks forward to the sessions. Ciaran’s ideas are very creative, engaging, visual and sensory. She is responsive and reflective, using his interests and responses to adapt and inform the activities she does. Ciaran let’s me know what they’ve been doing so that I can help him to practice the exercises. My son will ask to practice every night before bed and is beginning to use the calming techniques independently. She has helped him understand and communicate the different emotional experiences that he has through the day. Ciaran has even offered to talk to his teacher to help support him at school. The sessions have been a hugely positive experience for our son and for us as a family and I am sure will have a lasting impact on our son.

Mum & Teacher





Hi Ciaran,

Just to let you know that A conquered all her travel anxiety demons and sickness, and after all her hard work putting tools in to practice, she managed to enjoy her flight and travel yesterday. She woke in the morning with the usual pang and started the old dialogue but stopped herself immediately and overcame the anxiety using her new tools and kit. Thank you so much for helping with this.

The power of the mind.






Dear Ciaran,
Thank you so very, very much for teaching me Mindfulness. I have come a long way since the beginning and did so because of you. I hope you have enjoyed teaching me as much as I have enjoyed learning.
Thank you for everything.

Marcus (age 10)

Hi Ciaran, I just wanted to thank you again for our session. Leo has been using his breathing every night and I've managed to diffuse a few tantrums from J simply by saying 'traffic light'. You're an inspiration to us all.




My son attended the Mindful Kids Camp run by Ciaran over the school holidays. It was absolutely brilliant. My son has not enjoyed going to camps in the past...but the second he arrived he was warmly welcomed and you could tell that each child felt special and was being nurtured. He got a lot out of the day...art, outdoor activities, meditation and much more. Most importantly he was beaming with pride at all the creative activities he had completed! I will definitely be booking this camp for the next holidays!


Ciaran's Mindfulness Camps are very unique, well thought through and organised...the camps provide amazing opportunities for children to connect, play, learn and become more self-aware and confident. My 6 yr old loves attending Ciaran's Camps and has been to 3 so far. She always comes away very enthusiastic and with a big smile on her face.



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