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Top Tips During Lockdown

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

  • Reassure children by reminding them that our feelings never stay the same - they change just like the weather. It’s reassuring to know that if we’re feeling sad or anxious this feeling won’t last forever.

  • I am Safe Mudra - for feeling secure and grounded (for more on this please see my Instagram post dated May 16).

  • Encourage your child to stay ‘present’ remembering that we can’t change the past and we cannot force the future... Focusing on the positives in your life by starting a gratitude journal is an effective way of doing this. What are you grateful for today? (a hug/a favourite meal/a sunny day/seeing a friend).

  • Breathe! Try my calming ABC breathing (on IGTV).

  • Make a worry box - a useful way of taking a worry out of your head. Write (or draw) your worry down and post it in the box. At a later stage you can chat with your child about what worried them and whether or not it was worth worrying about.

  • Get outdoors! Being in nature reduces the stress hormone cortisol and makes us feel happier as we reconnect with ourselves and nature. Build a den, go on a Scavenger Hunt, climb a tree, cloud-watch.....

  • Give your kids opportunities to talk with you about how they’re feeling - take a walk together/ share a hot chocolate /get creative together. This prevents children from bottling things up.

  • Try anything creative together such as colouring, baking, origami, puzzles, stone painting. These activities use both sides of the brain helping us to feel more balanced & calm; they give one a sense of accomplishment and boost our happiness, and the creating part keeps you in the present moment.

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