Teaching Mindfulness in Nature to Children 


 In Person Training: June 25-26, 2022 

This certified training program is ideal for mindfulness teachers, yoga teachers, educators, carers (nursery and school teachers), parents, youth organisations, retreat leaders, childminders, homeschoolers and therapists. Anyone who is passionate about mindfulness, nature and children is welcome!


During this two day experiential training program, you will not only have fun but will develop a deeper understanding of the importance of mental well being for children and how mindfulness in nature supports this. You will learn learn valuable ways of introducing children (aged 3-10 years) to the calming benefits of focusing their minds.


As well as teaching you how to set up your own Mindfulness in Nature camp (based on our own unique camp program), we will also be sharing with you:


-  Grounding practices that engage the senses.

-   How to apply mindfulness and nature connection to your daily life

-   Understanding Forest Bathing from a child’s perspective

-   Mindful Kids practices for teachers, to calm the mind and relax the body

-   Breathing practices and Mudras (yoga for the hands)

-   Mindful movement and games

-   Bringing nature into the classroom

-   Mind-body connection explained

-   Developing a heart-centred approach to teaching

-   Mindfulness practices for SEN children

-  Mindful Kids 5-step guide for introducing mindfulness to young children

-   Preparing the mind for mindful connections

-   Kindness and compassion practices that focus on the needs of the child, plants, animals and the planet

-   Thich Nhat Hanh and Plum Village

-   Over 50 Nature practices and crafts

-   Buying guide to camp materials (+ discounts with our partner companies)

-   Resources + teaching manual.

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TRAINING PROGRAM DATES: JUNE 25+26, 2022 (9am-5pm /10am-5pm)
VENUE: The Hearth, 16 Lonsdale Road, Queen’s Park, NW6 6RD
(5 mins walk from Queen’s Park Tube).
INVESTMENT: £450 (in 1 or 2 payments) / Early Bird £400 (until May 1)